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Come one, come all, Asia Society's Annual Community Christmas is back.


With an arts and crafts marketplace, live performances of carols, storytelling, workshops, and a visit from Santa himself. The day will start with a scavenger hunt, where kids are encouraged to visit stalls in the Jockey Club Hall to collect stamps before a trip to Christmas Workshop to meet the man in red himself, on finishing they will receive a gift from his elves and a chance for photos.


For Christmas Workshop, we will also host gingerbread cooking, Christmas cake-making, and DIY Xmas Wreath classes. Tickets for these workshops will be sold separately.


Packed to the rafters, stockings and more, we'll send express reindeer letters to Mr. Claus for all. A day full of whimsy and fun has everything from Hong Kong to the North Pole at our very own Santa's Village. What are you waiting for?

Date: December 17 & 18 (Saturday & Sunday)

Time: 11:00am - 6:00pm

手工攤位入場卡 Arts & Craft Entry

聖誕工作坊 Christmas Workshops

*Tickets will be sold separately from Entry Fee

*All workshops conducted in Cantonese



Gingerbread Cooking Workshop 薑餅人曲奇製作

A delightfully festive Gingerbread Cookie Decorating Workshop, open to both adults and little ones. 


*each ticket includes 2 persons (2 adults OR 1 adult+1 child)

*each class is limited to 15 pairs of attendees

*each pairs of attendees will take home 12 of their own hand-baked and decorated cookies

*每張票包含2人參加(2位成人 或 1位成人+1位兒童)



Christmas-Cake Making Workshop 聖誕層層疊糕餅製作

A festive class in which you will bake and decorate the fun for your Christmas table. No experience necessary, this class is perfect for beginners to baking or family to spend time together.


*each ticket includes 2 persons (2 adults OR 1 adult+1 child)

*each class is limited to 15 pairs of attendees

*each pairs of attendees will take home 3 of their own hand-baked and decorated cookies

*每張票包含2人參加(2位成人 或 1位成人+1位兒童)



X'mas Wreath Making Workshop 聖誕花環製作

Fashioning your own X'mas wreath gives you creative freedom to adapt it to your preferred Christmas décor!


*each ticket includes 2 persons (2 adults OR 1 adult+1 child of 6 years-old up)

*each class is limited to 15 pairs of attendees

*parent support is needed, as the workshop contains using sharp tools

*each pairs of attendees will take home a 20cm of their own crafted wreath

*每張票包含2人參加(2位成人 或 1位成人+1位兒童)




其他活動 (門票需另外購買) Other Activities (Tickets to be sold separately)

1) 聖誕樹工作坊 x cova 下午茶二人套餐 | 12月17日

Christmas Tree Workshop x COVA Afternoon Tea Set | Dec 17

2:00pm - 3:30pm 聖誕樹工作坊 | Christmas Tree Decoration Workshop

3:30pm - 5:00pm 享用下午茶 | Enjoy afternoon tea set

*Tickets will be sold separately, click image below to read more


2) 聖誕樹工作坊 | 12月18日

Christmas Tree Workshop  | Dec 18

2:00pm - 3:30pm 聖誕樹工作坊 | Christmas Tree Decoration Workshop

*Tickets will be sold separately, click image below to read more


3) 法式聖誕盛宴 | 12月17 - 18 日

French Christmas Market | Dec 17 & 18 

11:00am - 8:00pm

*Market open to public, free admission, registration required

*市集免費入場, 需要登記


Please come and visit our Courtyard and find out about the French Christmas Market which is full of French food and drinks!

Click image below to read more




The Hong Kong Jockey Club Hall, Asia Society Hong Kong Center
Asia Society Hong Kong Center, 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty, Hong Kong
Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR (China)

Tel: 21039511

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