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Have you ever come across anyone who have depression or other mental health issues? Are you able to relate and connect?

Asia Society Hong Kong would like to break down taboos and social stigma surrounding mental illnesses. Depression and mental health issues affect many people during their lifetime. Whether for a day, or for years from friends, family, neighbors to colleagues.

As we feel the upsets of the global pandemic continue to trickle through, it is about time to be more conscious of our mental wellness and to take care of our loved ones.

ASHK is honored to welcome Bill Bernat, a mental health awareness advocate and TED talk speaker based in Seattle. In our online session, he will share his tips and personal story on how to practice better mental health awareness.


  • Bill Bernat (Stayawesome)

    Bill Bernat


    Bill is a mental health awareness advocate and TED speaker (How to Connect with Depressed Friends) based in Seattle, Washington. He lives with bipolar disorder and is a recovering addict with 12 years clean.

    Bill began IT career as a computer programmer at NASA, and ended it working 16-hours days for an internet company. Following that, he worked in technology marketing where he helped a tiny startup to seven years of consecutive 100% growth.

    He is a certified speaker coach who specializes in helping people give talks and tell stories about their journeys to thriving in life and at work with mental health conditions. He presents internationally to organizations on normalizing the conversation around mental health at work.

    You can learn more at stayawesome.com

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